Amusement Services

"Keeping You In The Game Since 2011"

Our Goal

About Crossroads Amusement Services

      Crossroads Amusement Services (CAS) is based in Victoria, Texas, operating modern arcade games, pinball machines, claw machines, and much more. Repair services currently only available to commercial clients.
     Our goal is to provide the Victoria area with modern and high quality arcade and vending machines at our clients' businesses to entertain your family.

Why Crossroads Amusement Services?

    Crossroads Amusement Services strives to maintain our machines top to bottom. From cosmetics to function, routine maintenance is performed weekly on our machines to ensure you and your family enjoy them to their fullest which includes full sanitizing of the machines.
     All bulk vending machines operated by J&J Amusements & Vending are purchased new to ensure a safe, sanitary toy or consumable is vended every time.